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An Enduring Commitment: Credit Suisse Americas Foundation

Every donor invests in a vision and takes a small leap of faith that the promise they see will become fully realized. Donors who invest over a long period of time double down on that faith and build confidence in their grantees at the same time that they build their capacity for success. Credit Suisse has been just this kind of supporter for KIPP.

Since 2006, KIPP has been honored to count Credit Suisse and the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation among its champion supporters. Not only has the organization made a long-term commitment to KIPP, it has also made a long-term commitment to KIPPsters and our educators, supporting KIPP’s innovative leadership development programs, sustained excellence in our schools, as well as our post-secondary support strategies.

Most recently, thanks to Credit Suisse, we have been able to deepen career awareness, exploration, and immersion offerings in our high schools. In addition, from Houston, to Durham, to New York City, Credit Suisse employees have partnered with KIPP regions to offer tutoring, career days and other forms of mentorship that open KIPPsters’ eyes to the wide variety of paths available to them. Finally, through their annual Holiday Charity Initiative, Credit Suisse employees have consistently taken advantage of the employee match offered by the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation to give generously to KIPP.

When the KIPP and Credit Suisse partnership began, KIPP was educating just 14,000 students. Today, Credit Suisse has helped us grow to reach 115,000 students – to teach them, inspire them, and set them on a trajectory toward personal success. We can’t thank them enough for their steadfast belief in KIPP, our educators, and our KIPPsters.